Topics of the workshop:

Between the conflicting priorities of sheet music and improvisation. Improvised chamber music. Emancipation from the musical material through analysis and improvisation (“Expanded interpretation”) Incorporating and/or juxtaposing global musical material from Europe, Africa, India, Asia, and America

The objective of the course is:

To take away classically educated musicians’ fear of improvising, and of free play using their own, personal style; to enable them through the means of „expanded interpretation“ to employ improvisation and creativity in the treatment of musical material, and thereby go far beyond usual forms of interpretation. Composers will be introduced to possibilities for incorporating non-European instruments and styles. Within the five days of the course, we will develop and perform a concert program.

Musical material

Among others, compositions by Shirish Korde („Sketches“, a collection of themes as base for improvisations) and all styles of modern music, as well as elements of jazz and improvisation.

Using a variety of techniques including collages, cross fades, improvised transitions, cross-over elements, and free improvisation, the executing musician develops a new self-conception.

Final concert

At the end of the five day workshop, the participants will conduct a final concert in the concert hall of the UDK together with the lecturers.

Target group

  • Instrumentalists and singers
  • music students
  • professional musicians
  • composers
  • Music teachers with an interest in new, creative directions in music and performance
  • Solo players, but also chamber music ensembles of any possible composition, as well as instruments of other cultures, such as tablas, pipa, oud, baglama, etc. are welcome

Shirish Korde and Trio Berlin (Petra Woisetschläger, Jos Rinck, Udo Betz)
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