The best reference for the Berlin Summer University of the Arts at the Berlin Career College are the participants of our courses! In this section you can view and read testimonials from some of the many participants of our courses in the past three years.

Testimonials 2015

Student from Portugal, Workshop with Valérie Favre & Robert Lucander

I found the visit to the museums very useful - special. Valerie's view on painting is contagiously passionate. What I take home is a fresh perspective on my work.

Architect from Brasil (30yo), Art and Money - Funding Strategies for Institutions, Initiatives and Artists. Strategic Partnerships, Fundraising and Sponsorship

Got to know people who work in the same area and have the same goals. The possibilities to make partnerships.

Student from Peru (30yo), Financing, Touring and Co-Producing Performing Arts Projects

Getting in touch with other people with similar interests and diverse experience.

Manager from Spain (30yo), Creating Business Models based on user-centered Services

I gained a new methodology to apply on projects. The intense course hours are very good to "force" the thinking. It has been a great experience!

Designer from Germany (34yo), Service Design Deep Dive: Facilitating Innovation with the Means of Service Design

Hands-on workshop, very good! Participants were really well selected professionals, good atmosphere and working/learning attitude!

Singer from Brasil (35yo), Intensive Class for Opera Singers with Cheryl Studer

I really enjoyed seeing myself and the others participants growing as artists and learning how to deal with the stress and difficulties during performances.

Music Manager from Germany, DigiMediaL_musik: The Business of Music in Germany

Guter Überblick über wichtigste Aspekte der Musikindustrie, Kontakt zu wichtigen Personen aus verschiedenen Bereichen.

Musician from Finland (31yo), Organ a la carte

I got several very good ideas to try out during the course and of course to adapt and develop in the future.

Research Assistant from Korea (34yo), The (in)Visible City - Digital Storytelling for New Media Formats and Webzines

First of all, I got techniques of cinematography which I can use in my daily life such as blogging. The second is inspirations I got from participants from various disciplines. Every work they have done is wonderful with different perspectives.

Student from the USA (33yo), Strategic Creativity

Daniela and Susa were excellent instructors. They provided theoretical and practical instruction to the material. They also created an open and supportive environment for the participants to connect.

Singer from Irleand (31yo), Intensive Class for Opera Singers with Gerd Uecker

The contract and private discussion with Herr Uecker the day after the concert was invaluable. The supportive atmosphere was so encouraging.

Creative Director from Brasil (29yo), Starting and Leading your own Successful Creative Business

I really liked how they lead us through the complex path of creating a new business in a very structured way. Things made lots of sense!

Testimonials 2014



Artist from Switzerland (28yo), Self Marketing in the International Art Scene

To put in practice different theoretical topics helps a lot actually. It's stress but this exercise of talking to each other or to a group is really helpful.

Student from Indonesia (24yo), Creating Business Models based on user-centered Services

I learned a lot from the speakers, others and more important I got to know myself in terms of ability in working with others

Entrepreneur from Finland (32yo), Channel your Creativity. From Trend and Talent to Business Concept in 4 Days

I don't consider myself that creative a person (more pragmatic), but it was encouraging to notice that my creative side was actually come out in the right, fruitful circumstances. Design Thinking is familiar to me only as a concept, but it was great to learn the basics, and its application possibilities. I have highly intrigued with the subject and method.

Film Artist from China (24yo), Financing and Touring and CoProducing Performing Arts Projects

The lecturer was very patient in answering student's questions. And I met people from different countries here. That's a good experience!

Student from Italy (30yo), From Concept to Realisation Project Management in the Performing Arts

The frontal lesson structure was good as it was the discussion structure too. I will take home more specific contents and skills about the practical realization of an event in the field of performing arts, but also an interesting look from outside to cultural strategies in Germany.

Artist from Italy (22yo), Berlin's Museums: A History of Exhibiting

We visited places I'd never visit on my own and maybe I've never known about them. We had the chance to compare each other with different point of views and backgrounds. I also learnt an important attitude about how I can visit a museum.

Artist from Argentina (34yo), Berlin's Museums: A History of Exhibiting

The best experience was to visit museums with other students interested in the topics dealt in the course so we could share thoughts and experiences. Also the comments, informations given by the two professors who were really interesting and will influence a lot in my work.

Artist from Greece (24yo), Berlin's Museums: A History of Exhibiting

Getting exposed to many/manyfold approaches of Art in Kontext, Museums with particular subject in a particular Kontext so as to communicate in the best way possible it's content. It was a great gain for me to see the approaches of different characters from different backgrounds and the direction given from the Lecturers, because of their experience over the years in the Field of Art and their knowledge about the city of Berlin.

Student from Greece (25yo), Workshop with Valérie Favre & Robert Lucander

The course changed a lot my perception on paintings and my ideas about painting and art in general. It gave me a lot of "food for thought".

Opera Singer from Spain (30yo), Intensive Class for Opera Singers Module 2

Great work in detail with all the musical aspects and very helpful audition training to move into the professional world of opera. Very good idea to have an audition concert at the end of the course to try out what we've learnt.

Testimonials from participants of the 2012 dramatic writing course
(instructors: David Spencer, John von Düffel)

Denise K., Edinburgh, Scotland

"This is a challenging, intense and uncompromising course in playwriting craft , delivered with precision, compassion, fierce intelligence and humour by fearless British playwright David Spencer. Combining techniques to tackle structure and pace with a compelling sensitivity to the creation of meaning through rhythm , David’s approach makes for a moving, enlightening and unforgettable experience that I would highly recommend for people who are willing to ‘go there’ with their writing. After completing the course, and on David’s recommendation, I won a year’s attachment to the Traverse Theatre (2013), Scotland."

Fiona D., Salisbury, United Kingdom

"In July 2012, I was lucky enough to find myself on a short but intensive dramatic writing course at the University of the Arts, Berlin. It was tutored by David Spencer. What I came away with was a whole new level of understanding about playwriting which continues to influence my work today. David, two-time winner of the Verity Bargate award, is a great writer. But he’s also a great teacher. His knowledge of technical aspects like plot and structure is invaluable, and his insights about what it takes to write a great play are shared openly and unselfishly with his students. Since my time in Berlin, I’ve had a number of short plays produced and I was recently asked to write for Miniaturists 40 at the Arcola Theatre. (Miniaturists is a reputable and long-established group of professional playwrights producing regular writer-led events in London). When it comes to the craft of writing, David is the ultimate craftsman and anybody wanting to write a play would benefit greatly from spending some time in his company."

Fiona now has a seed commission from the Play For The Nation’s Youth group - that includes the Joint Stock company, one of England’s best known New Writing producers.